An interview with Mr. Foster. Questions from "the fans" on the popular social networking site, Facebook, as well as less smartass/more insightful ones from superfan Helen-Louise:

Says Bananas: First of all, thanks everyone for the questions, and thank you for welcoming us newbies to the fpop universe. I can already feel the warm fuzzies.

If u could compare urself to an animal, what wud u be and why?
The Irish Elk was a species of deer with magnificently overgrown antlers. Their antlers got so large that eventually they couldn't even walk through the forest without bumping into a tree every 10 seconds. They all died.

Why do I weep in my sleep?
Because you know too much and too little to have peace.

I collect hockey cards.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Raspberry. Yumm.

If you were cornered with a mob of hungry evil kindergartners hunting you, how would defeat them?
I would ground them.

Will you guys come to London and play with us english kids?
Yes, that sounds fun.

Oh.... personal preference in anti-zombie weaponry...?
The lawnmower from Brain Dead has always been my favorite.

will you help me with my homework?
Which subject?

what do you think about this?
I liked the one where you made us all look like demons.

When will you come back to Wisconsin and sign me and Rhea's shirts again? (Christmas is going to be drastically behind in that race. D:)
Sure why not.

Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but people don’t point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?
Or their butthole. Good question, reader.

Does Bananas agree that there is a correlation between the decline in popularity of keytars and the rise of gang violence in the 90s?
I think we can all agree that the 90's were just a terrible time.

why are people from england english and people from poland polish, but people from holland are dutch?
Holland is actually a county in the Netherlands, but people often call the whole country Holland. Dutch is derived from Deutsch, which means 'vaguely German.'

Will you two be super cool and talk to me like Liz and Sean have?
I can only hope to be super cool, but yes, what would you like to talk about?

can they play The Final Countdown with style?

I try, but I'd say I play it with flare and vim rather than style. I'm working on it, though.

favorite character from the matrix?
Mr. Anderson

How did they get their names?
Bennigan's dessert menu.

how come nobody told me i was out of the band? is it because i taste like Binche Beer?
No, that was actually one of the reasons we wanted you to stay.

When will you two guys force the band to play in Ireland? D:
NOW! Sean, Liz, let's play Ireland.

Bananas and Christmas: Could you beat Liz and Sean in a tag-team wrestling match? Also, how excited are you about playing the next NYC show that you guys are totally planning? Right?!?
Greco-Roman, mud, or oil? We would win in all those categories. I am very excited to play in New York again. Christmas and I both used to live there.

What are your star signs?


Aren't you already a member? What are you trying to do, being an official new member twice or something? And do you have anything else? I just randomly googled your name, and it didn't work.
Yeah I've been around the block with Freezepop a few times, but I only got the name Bananas when I fell asleep while dying my hair and woke up with a ridiculously yellow mop.

What are you reading these days?
Just finished 'The Magicians' by Lev Grossman. Read it.

Have you ever been arrested in Canada?
No, thankfully I crossed the border the next day, and wasn't playing with the band at the time.

What are your favorite video games (old and new)?

SSX, Fallout, Resident Evil 4, Dragon's Lair... I could go on and on because I love video games...

how did both of you join freezepop?
Sean and I have been in a bunch of bands together and I was their roommate for a while. It all kinda just happened.

How is the name-selection process? Stressful? Surreal? Is there a personal attachment to the names or are they just stuff that sounds neat?
We are generally coming up with names for things (songs, fake side-project bands, alter egos) constantly, but something about Bananas Foster just seemed particularly Freezepoppy.

Remembering that The Duke doesn't actually like candied apples, I thought we'd better check that you like Bananas Foster? In case any of your more deranged fans want to bring you some.
(Slightly ashamed): I'm actually not sure if I've ever had Bananas Foster.

How do you think it's going to affect the dynamic of the band now that there are two boys and two girls?
It will be so sexy.

How did you get asked to join Freezepop?
There was a show a few years back that The Duke couldn't play, so Sean and Liz asked Creme Brulee and I to fill in.

What bands have you been in previously?
Lifestyle, Karacter, Chop Chop, Autumn Tides (my high school band - I don't think we have a myspace page)

What will your role in Freezepop be?
Keytars, drums, Nintendo DS, QY-70

Can you play any other instruments?
Does the bongos count?

Who are your favourite three bands (apart from ones you are currently or have been a member of!)?
Stereolab, Genesis, Tears for Fears

What are your favourite three Freezepop songs? (I've gone for three because I can never pick a single favourite anything - if you asked me for my favourite Freezepop song I'd have to give you a list of the 10 that are currently most meaningful to me.)
Gett Ready to Rokk, Shark Attack, Special Effects

Some of Freezepop's songs are decidedly geeky (science, robots, cloning etc). Do you consider yourself to be a geek?
I love Star Trek and I want the whole world to know.

What's your favourite (music-related or not) technological gadget?
Electronics are like sunglasses, it's usually best not to get too attached because they're gonna break someday... buuuuut, if a Dragon's Lair arcade console and a Yamaha CS-80 suddenly magically appeared in my room I would be one happy geek. i would have to move my soda machine, though.

Freezepop aren't famous only for their music, but also for their style. How would you describe your fashion sense? Do you plan to fit in visually with the rest of the band?
I wish we could all dress like this. I'm standing on the far right...

When I think of Freezepop, I think of people with awesome hair. Are you willing to spend a small fortune on haircare products?

If I was at your show and going to the bar, what drink should I buy you?
Either Canadian or Mexican beer. Thanks in advance!

What are your favourite foods? Do you have any allergies?
Thai food, sushi, Wawa chicken sandwiches. No food allergies, but I really hate hot dogs.

What do you think is the biggest challenge you'll face in joining Freezepop?
I mostly look forward to making certain that everything is awesome at all times.

What question do you most wish that I'd asked you?

Doesn't anybody have any questions about Dune?