An interview with Ms. Sagan. Questions from "the fans" on the popular social networking site, Facebook, as well as less smartass/more insightful ones from superfan Helen-Louise:

Says Christmas: ohman, this is such a great idea! thank you to everyone for the questions! as a longtime freezepop fan myself, i am super excited to hear from everyone!

If u could compare urself to an animal, what wud u be and why?
my spirit animal is a paramecium.

Why do I weep in my sleep?
maybe you have a hug deficit? consult with your local Philippe!

If Christmas is going to add her own lyrics for Freezepop Forever? I heard Bananas at the anniversary on my b-day and it was awesome. hopefully she can compare to it.
i am currently laboring over what I hope to be the strongest, perfect verse for Freezepop Forever. constructed in outer space with technologies that do not yet exist, this verse will hopefully be added in the near future. maybe.

i program on the computator and play musics (natch). i love drawing silly things, watching terrible movies, bike adventures, reading layperson physics books, and delighting in esoteric candies.

Do you like cookies?
why i DO like cookies! particularly any Christmas or Channukkah cookie, and don't believe in these fine items being limited by the time of year. Give me some gingerbread or hamentaschen any day. i will shake your hand.

If you were cornered with a mob of hungry evil kindergartners hunting you, how would defeat them?
the thing to remember about evil kindergartners is this: you can always beat them at their own game. with tongue depressors and glue and CARNAGE.

Will you guys come to London and play with us english kids?
oh yes please! In the meantime, come to America and play with us Freezepop kids!

Oh.... personal preference in anti-zombie weaponry...?
there just can't be enough said about a good old-fashioned board with a nail through it. several nails if possible.

will you help me with my homework?
yes, but only spiritually.

what do you think about this?
i think: pretty colors!

When will you come back to Wisconsin and sign me and Rhea's shirts again? (Christmas is going to be drastically behind in that race. D:)
Yes? Definitely? how can i catch up here? can i sign your shirts a few times? perhaps some family members or pets as well?

Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but people don’t point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?
i have to say the logic behind this has always escaped me as well. Ah, to be like the hu-man! To laugh! Feel! Want! Why are these things not in the plan?

why are people from england english and people from poland polish, but people from holland are dutch?
man, these questions got real. Holland is actually only a province in the country of the Netherlands. The people and language are referred to as Dutch, derived from a language spoken in an area known as Diets. thanks wikipedia.

Will you two be super cool and talk to me like Liz and Sean have?

only if you will talk to me too. being super cool is a two way street, you know. and I am a tiny bit shy.

can they play The Final Countdown with style?

i'm more of a Don't Stop Believing girl myself, but yes, I will play The Final Countdown with as much Christmas magic as I can muster!

favorite character from the matrix?
Cowboy Curtis. that guy cracks me up.

How did they get their names?
i was an illegitimate child of a certain late astronomer-slash-astrophysicist, and was named after the great female physicist Christmas Jones. Disco-Marie is an old Welsh family name dating to the 1500s.

how come nobody told me i was out of the band? is it because i taste like Binche Beer?
oh is so sad to see you go! if only we had gotten you a more refreshing beverage...

When will you two guys force the band to play in Ireland? D:
omg i would love to visit Ireland! i will begin using subliminal messages on Liz and Sean during rehearsal post haste.

Bananas and Christmas: Could you beat Liz and Sean in a tag-team wrestling match? Also, how excited are you about playing the next NYC show that you guys are totally planning? Right?!?
Bananas was raised in an underwater chamber with 1.5x earth's gravity. i have an impressive wingspan and hundreds of kung fu movies in my mental arsenal to draw from. i think yes, we could beat Liz and Sean. but there's really only one way to find out - in our next back-to-back wrestling-synthpop rumble, happening in NYC soon!

What are your star signs?


Christmas Disco-Marie ... uhh ... where does the name come from? [Is it just because christmas disco is ... See Moreawesome?] And are you/have you been in other bands so I can randomly track them down and stuff?
see above for my name explanation :) i have some older musiques under another moniker. i'm a little embarrassed by it tho.

What are you reading these days?
i am currently simultaneously finishing Children of Dune by Herbert, Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, and Diamonds are Forever by Ian Fleming. they're all just rad as punch.

Have you ever been arrested in Canada?
not in Canada, no.

What are your favorite video games (old and new)?

o my goodness. this is a very important question.
i love any and all Metal Slugs. i was raised a Sega kid and as such probably have too many nostalgia-based sympathies for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
more recently i have enjoyed Portal, Animal Crossing, and Resident Evil 4. i've also been known to play the plastic guitar in certain Freezepop-affiliated games on occasion.
ALSO: Commander Keen: Keen's Dreams, despite being on the computer.
FINALLY: Dig Dug. mostly for the music.

how did both of you join freezepop?
i started out as a Freezepop fan starting around 2002 or so, and would see them play in my hometown of Pittsburgh and later when I moved to New York City. after a stint there, i moved to Boston, where i befriended friends-of-Freezepop. at first i was all starstruck and shy around Sean and Liz, but over the course of a few years and many many dance parties we became buddies. joining Freezepop has been truly truly truly outrageous for me, given that the first time i talked to them it was while getting a poster autographed at a show at the Warhol Museum :)

How is the name-selection process? Stressful? Surreal? Is there a personal attachment to the names or are they just stuff that sounds neat?
it was a serious and involved process for me! my name is a nod to the original crazy list of names Sean came up with in a flash of brilliance 10 years ago, and my own true, deep love of the holiday season and physics.

Do you wish it could be Christmas every day?
I wish the year was 1/3 Halloween, 1/6 summertime, 1/6 weekends, and 1/3 Christmas (or your 'winter holiday' of choice - I am a great lover of Hanukkah and really any holiday where there is specific music made and played for it, and glitter is used for both food and decor).

How do you think it's going to affect the dynamic of the band now that there are two boys and two girls?
more four-player video games? i'm not sure, but i'm hoping for sexy results!

How did you get asked to join Freezepop?
I think I already went a little into the backstory, but the closest thing to an 'audition' was coming over, eating a yummy vegetarian dinner, and playing Don't Stop Believing on a Prophet. it was a magical evening.

What bands have you been in previously?
just some solo stuff I have been noodling around with for a few years but no previous real bands. I hope this is ok with you.

What will your role in Freezepop be?
so far, playin' synths, singin' backup, vocodings, and video stuffs. driving. boppin'.

Can you play any other instruments?
I play piano, which is definitely a difference from synths. and I'm learning ukulele :)

Who are your favourite three bands (apart from ones you are currently or have been a member of!)?
after much thought: Talking Heads, Prince, and the Beach Boys.

What are your favourite three Freezepop songs? (I've gone for three because I can never pick a single favourite anything - if you asked me for my favourite Freezepop song I'd have to give you a list of the 10 that are currently most meaningful to me.)
another hard question! my favorite of all time is Plastic Stars. after that's it's difficult - I think Stakeout and Bike Thief win. Frontload and SGG are close runners up!

Some of Freezepop's songs are decidedly geeky (science, robots, cloning etc). Do you consider yourself to be a geek?
absolutely. I'm a lady of science and a lifelong geek. It wasn't always fun being a geek, but it's paying off now.

What's your favourite (music-related or not) technological gadget?
I have very strong feelings... some would call love... for my Nintendo DS Lite.

Freezepop aren't famous only for their music, but also for their style. How would you describe your fashion sense? Do you plan to fit in visually with the rest of the band?
I would describe my fashion sense as an attempt to combine the styles of Audrey Hepburn, Annie Hall, Miss Yvonne, Twiggy, Pris from Blade runner, and Jem. This doesn't always work out well, but I will continue in my endeavors. I plan on being the tall, mismatched, smiling girl wearing mostly primary colors.

When I think of Freezepop, I think of people with awesome hair. Are you willing to spend a small fortune on haircare products?
Sure. Any recommendations?

If I was at your show and going to the bar, what drink should I buy you?
I enjoy St. Germaine-based drinks, most rieslings, and long walks on the beach. thank you for asking!

What are your favourite foods? Do you have any allergies?

Pizza, cupcakes, pizza, and any sugary cereal with a cartoon mascot. No allergies, except to cats. Take that how you will.

What do you think is the biggest challenge you'll face in joining Freezepop?
Bees probably.

What question do you most wish that I'd asked you?

you did a very good job. I wouldn't have minded talking about deep sea creatures. They're fascinating.