q. when are you gonna play in (insert your town here)?
a. we unfortunately don't have all the money or vacation time to get everywhere we want to (yes, we do still have day jobs!), but we are working on doing some more touring for the new album. you should visit our eventful page to weigh in on where we should hit next! and feel free to get in touch with our booking agent (Athan Maroulis/Sepiatone Booking) if you want to book an actual show for us.

q. why did you get arrested in canada?
a. you can read all about it here.

q. why are most of your shows 18+ or 21+?
a. this bums us out too, but it's not something we have much control over. we try to play all-ages shows as often as we can, but the fact is, the vast majority of the shows we are offered are at clubs with age limits. and we're flattered that some of you think so, but we are far from being big enough to play at your local "insert-name-of-large-sponsor-corporation amphitheater/arena/center." (the plus side of that is that being our fan gives you a lot of indie cred.)

q. i've been to all the stores at the mall, but i still can't find your CDs. what's up?
well, it's a little easier to get our new CD in stores, but if you still can't find it or are looking for one of our older CDs, your best bet is to order stuff directly from us, just go to our store page for all the details. or you could ask your store to special-order CDs from our distributor, Darla. we're also on iTunes, napster, and amazon.com.

q. i wanna start a band, do you have any advice?
a. well, most of all, have fun with it! don't go into it with big expectations or anything. don't worry too much if you're not very good at first, or if it's hard to find the right bandmates. keep trying, keep promoting yourself, keep writing songs. it's a lot of trial and error at first. so relax and enjoy.

q. who are your influences?
a. soooo many! of the classics: human league, depeche mode, duran duran, giorgio moroder, erasure, kraftwerk, omd, gary numan, new order, abba. i'm probably forgetting a bunch. we like new stuff too. (although that's probably more "enjoyment" and less "influence.")

q. who is in freezepop/what do you all do?
a. liz enthusiasm [vocal stylings], sean t. drinkwater [synths, vocoder, vocals, occasional guitar and bass], bananas foster [electronic drums, keytar, vocoder], christmas disco-marie sagan [synths, vocoder, backing vocals].

q. what happened to the duke?
a. the duke retired from active freezepop duty in 2009. his job is pretty intense, and he wanted to focus on symbion project music for a while. he is still "around" and makes guest appearances from time to time.

q. how did you start freezepop?
a. in the summer of 1999, the duke had started writing some synthpop songs on his yamaha qy70 and quickly realized that his dream of being in a synthpop band was close at hand. if only he had some other bandmates that could share his vision... very soon after starting to search for these elusive beings, he met liz and sean's clone who, to his surprise, matched and exceeded his love for synthpop! bliss! songs were written, songs were recorded, album was released, shows were played, and here we are.

q. other bands that freezepop is or has been a part of?
a. the other sean: lifestyle, karacter, godclaw, varicose veins, masquerade, the drop dead sweethearts, veronica black morpheus nipple, forest friends, earth defense force, skating club, boy in static, the tie-ups, the strippers, foto booth, the car crash set
liz (most of these are pretend bands): the renettes/the brownies, pointy hat/zebulon 6, pancake syrup, forest friends, sparkly tiger, the tie-ups, cookie pie, le chevron, tennis pro, secret handshake (not the actual semi-famous band of the same name), in her pants, birthday cake, the strippers, foto booth, friends from france, the car crash set
bananas: lifestyle, karacter, godclaw, varicose veins, the drop dead sweethearts, earth defense force, chop chop
christmas: the car crash set
the duke: splashdown, symbion project, sirensong

q. how did freezepop come up with its name?
a. liz: many years back, my household was throwing a big 4th of july party. we thought it would be a good idea to get freezepops, and bought a great many boxes. we thought that 24 hours would be enough time for them to freeze. this turned out not to be the case. so we were stuck with literally hundreds and hundreds of freezepops in our freezer for the rest of the summer. this turned out to be quite a wonderful thing, as there's nothing quite like lying in a hammock on a hot summer night while enjoying a freezepop, or two, or nine. and it just worked, our music being sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y.

q. what gear does freezepop use to write/record the songs?
a. if you want all the ultra-geeky details, check out our gear page.

freezepop discography:
the orange ep (1999, archenemy), out of print
the purple ep (2000, archenemy), out of print
freezepop forever (2000, archenemy in u.s., licensed to elefant records worldwide)
fashion impression function ep (2001, archenemy)
"bike thief" 12" featuring extended remixes and beautiful blue vinyl, limited edition of 200, second printing featuring clear vinyl, limited edition of 175, out of print (2003, archenemy)
hi-five my remix ep (2003, archenemy), out of print
fancy ultra•fresh (2004, archenemy)
mini ultra•fresh ep (2004, archenemy, promo only), out of print
dancy ultra•fresh 12", limited edition of 600 (2004, archenemy)
maxi ultra•fresh ep (2005, archenemy), out of print
the rokk suite cd single (2007, cordless/rykodisc/archenemy)
future future future perfect (2007, cordless/rykodisc/archenemy)
"Less Talk More Rokk" (The Remixes) ep (2007, cordless/rykodisc/archenemy)
form activity motion ep (2009, cordless/rykodisc/archenemy)

videogame appearances (we might have forgotten a few):
FreQuency, PS2, 2001 — “Science Genius Girl”
Amplitude, PS2, 2003 — “Super-Sprøde”
Karaoke Revolution, PS2, 2003 — “Science Genius Girl”
Downhill Domination, PS2, 2003 — “Bike Thief (Schnellspanner Remix)”
Dance Dance Revolution, Xbox, 2005 — “Stakeout (Ultra:Mix)”
Guitar Hero 1, PS2, 2005 — “Get Ready 2 Rokk (For Those About 2 Rokk Mix)”
Guitar Hero 2, PS2, 2006 — “Less Talk More Rokk (Guitar Hero 2 Mix)”
Guitar Hero 2, Xbox360, 2007 — “Less Talk More Rokk (Guitar Hero 2 Mix)”
Dance!, Acclaim Online, 2007 — “Less talk More Rokk (Dance Version)”
Phase, iPod, 2007 — "Pop Music Is Not a Crime"
Rock Band, XBox 360/PS3, 2007 — "Brainpower"
Rock Band, XBox 360/PS3, 2008 — "Super-Sprode"
Guitar Hero: On Tour, Nintendo DS, 2008 — "I Am Not Your Gameboy"
Rock Band Unplugged, PSP, 2009 — "Less Talk More Rokk"
Rock Band DLC, 2009 — "Science Genius Girl," "Get Ready 2 Rokk," and "Less Talk More Rokk"
Rock Band, iPhone/iTouch, 2009 — "Science Genius Girl" and "Super-Sprode"