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wisconsin/minnesota tour diary, march 2008

texas tour diary, march 2008

at the middle east downstairs, march 2008 (by mick murray and jereme hamel)

midwest tour diary, february 2008

photo shoot, february 2008 (by frank veronsky)

photos of a photo shoot, february 2008 (by boothnavy)

florida tour diary, january 2008


mercury lounge, nyc, december 2007 (by marc almendarez)

west coast tour diary, october/november 2007

ryko cmj showcase at the slipper room, nyc, october 2007 (by jesse chan-norris)

future future future perfect record release show at the middle east downstairs, september 2007 (by rick webb)

seattle/portland tour diary, august 2007

pittsburgh and autobahn, march 2007

san francisco tour diary, march 2007

at galapagos, brooklyn, january 2007 (by jo sef gra)

at tt the bear's, january 2007 (by rick webb and sushiesque)


our kind of crazy montreal weekend, november 2006

turkey tour diary, may 2006

england tour diary, april 2006

midwestern tour diary, march 2006

at tt the bear's, february 2006 (pix by mauricio)


at the middle east downstairs, december 2005 (by rick webb)

guitar hero release show at harper's ferry, december 2005 (by robotkid)

at the milky way, halloween 2005 (i was super dunkin donuts lady, for anyone who was wondering). with godclaw filling in for the duke and sean, who'd been kidnapped by goblins. (by rick webb)

the texas tour diary

at tt's, july 2005 (by bethany fong, kari fund, and shawno19)

at rare, june 2005 (by violet shuraka)

at the cambridge river fest, june 2005 (by nelson argueta)

at the middle east upstairs, april 2005 (by mike rubinstein, violet, abby, and professor enthusiasm)

the midwest/san francisco tour diary

circus at rothko, february 2005 (by abby taylor, violet shuraka, and steve bodi)

the nyc synthpop fest at rare, january 2005 (by adam fields)


the european tour diary

boothnavy's european tour diary

the west coast tour diary

wbcn session at new alliance, august 2004 (by rick)

at great scott's, july 2004 (by violet)

the california tour diary

steer roast at MIT, may 2004 (by mike, abby, and heather)

at the BCCA with special guest musicians, april 2004 (by rick and amy)

the florida tour diary!

from our fancy ultra•fresh release party at the middle east upstairs, march 2004 (by violet, abby, and rick)

photo shoot with violet shuraka, march 2004



at the somerville theater, december 2003 (by woody)

special uber-geeky photos of mastering our new album with dave locke, december 2003 (by the duke)

check out our november tour diary!

at the middle east upstairs, october 2003 (by robotkid)

at the middle east downstairs, september 2003 (by self_non_self and rick)

philippe is standing on it, september 2003

at the andy warhol museum in pittsburgh, july 2003 (by various folks)

at tt the bear's, june 2003 (by rick) and robotkid posted some video clips from our other june tt's show

at luxx in brooklyn, may 2003 (by les enthusiasm and rick)

at steer roast at mit, may 2003 (by becky king)

at the lizard lounge, april 2003 (by gordon merrick, boothnavy, and rick)

at luxx, march 2003 (by miss lunarkitty)

at luxx, january 2003 (by abby taylor)

at the mime crime benefit at tt's, january 2003 (by robotkid and les enthusiasm)
you can also check out little video clips of our new song "that boy is all about fun" thanks to robotkid: 1, 2, 3


at the albion batcave in nyc, january 2002 (by boothnavy and rui camarinha)

our ep release show in the paradise front room, february 2002 (by miss lunarkitty, marquee pic by rick)

the very evil debut of flavur-ice, march 2002 (by liz)

check out our european tour diary!

at the paradise front room, may 2002 (by rick)

... and our californian tour diary!

at tt's, july 2002 (by boothnavy)

at as220 in providence, september 2002 (by abby taylor and rick)

at the middle east upstairs, october 2002 (by boothnavy)

at tt's, november 2002 (by rick and dave and michael)

from our photo shoot with violet shuraka, november 2002

at as220, december 2002 (by gordon merrick)



our record release show, middle east downstairs, february 2001 (by eric johanson)

more record release show (by roland ouelette)

yet more record release show (by professor enthusiasm)

soundcheck at the cibo matto show, somerville theater, may 2001 (by tony norton)

more cibo matto (by professor enthusiasm)

more cibo matto (by annie smidt)

rumble first round, middle east upstairs, may 2001 (by rick webb)

more rumble first round (by annie smidt)

rumble semifinals, middle east downstairs, may 2001 (by les enthusiasm)

rumble semis (by roland ouelette)

more rumble semis (video captures by tony norton)

even more (by annie smidt)

there's nothing we like better than some karaoke! (and when i say "we," i mean "me.") june 2001

i got to play dress up for a soon-to-be launched vintage clothing site... june 2001 (by melissa gibbs)

from our show at lilli's, june 2001 (by roland ouelette)

from our acme underground show in nyc, july 2001 (by rick webb)

our ill-fated performance at miss lunarkitty's party, august 2001 (by dr. heath)

our cafe eclipse adventure with lifestyle, si senor, and the texas governor, october 2001

our tt's show, october 2001 (by rick webb, except for the last one, by eric johanson)

our buffalo/toronto/montreal tour, november 2001 (by liz and tony norton)

various cows, november 2001 (by liz and miss lunarkitty)

at the middle east downstairs with missing persons, december 2001 (by professor enthusiasm)



from our orange photo shoot (by rick webb)

from the purple photo shoot (by rick webb)

the castle von buhler prom party, feb 2000 (by rick webb)

st. hubbins' bachepalooza, april 2000 (by a nice lady who borrowed my camera)

tt the bear's, june 2000 (by danny gold)

tt the bear's, september 2000 (by tony norton)

more tt's, september 2000 (by eric johanson)

even more tt's, september 2000 (by roland ouelette)

tt's, november 2000 (by eric johanson)